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Bad Brokers Everywhere!

I've heard a surprising number of people tell me that all real estate brokers do the same thing and it doesn't make a big difference who you choose to work with. I can tell you from experience there are a lot of horrible brokers out there. Here are actual experiences that I've had with brokers which fall in the "very unqualified" bucket: Agents who wait until the last minute to do everything... assuming all the other parties will be able to sign at 10pm before a midnight deadline. Agents who negotiate for their clients... without first consulting with their clients. Agents who pretend to know about radon without even doing some basic research. Agents who obviously haven't read a contract and tell their clients to sign. Agents who assume the title company does everything for them so they don't need to review all the paperwork. These may or may not sound like a huge deal but we are talking about big dollars here. Small mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars lost for clients. It really does pay to work with someone with experience who knows what they are doing.

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