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Professional Listing Service

Nesmith Properties will get your house SOLD! 

We offer a full-service listing at a very competitive rate. 

Here is a condensed list of services you will receive once you list your home with Nesmith Properties:

  • Initial consultation where you will be told how to prep your house for sale

  • You will get a customized sales plan with your goals in mind

  • You will get professional photos taken for your listing

  • You will get your listing published on the local MLS, as well as all the major real estate websites (,, etc)

  • In addition to the MLS and the major real estate websites, your agent will use their professional network to help get your house sold as quickly as possible

  • You will get open houses until your property is under contract!

  • You will get the peace of mind which comes with having an experienced professional working on your behalf and guiding you through the entire process

  • Your agent will always be using the latest technology to give you every edge over the competition

  • You will ALWAYS be able to reach your agent within a reasonable amount of time

  • The rate that you pay Nesmith Properties will be the ONLY money you pay for Brokerage service.  You will not pay another dime for "extra services" like flyers, open houses, refreshed listings, etc.

Basic Selling Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn't I sell my house myself?  (ie FSBO)

Selling your house on your own can save you a lot of money! 

There are a lot of reasons why using a Nesmith Properties agent is worth that money, let me list a few:

1) You could save money by cutting your own hair, but you choose to use a professional instead.  Why on earth would you trust the             selling of your biggest asset to 

2) Because the buying and selling of real estate involves large amounts of money, there is a very large occurance of litigation involving real estate.  Do you know enough about contracts to cover yourself here? 

3) Even if you do FSBO, you are likely going to pay a fee to list your house on the MLS.  On top of that you will need to offer a comission to buyer's agents if you want them to bring their clients to your property, so you really aren't even going to save much money!


How much will it cost me to hire a Listing Agent?

Nesmith Properties strives to always charge competitive rates for listing your property.  Actual rates are not quoted here because the rate depends on many factors.  During your initial meeting, your agent will gather all the details they need to quote you a rate.  This rate will be quoted during the initial meeting before you ever commit to anything.  This rate will be the ONLY fee you pay us to list your home.  We don't try to nickel and dime you by charging for listing costs, flyer printing costs, MLS listing fee, etc. 


Do I need to fix up my house before listing it?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you fix all minor problems with the house.  Most buyers want a move-in ready house.  This does NOT mean that your need to remodel your entire house with all the latest finishings.  Your agent will walk through your house with you and discuss what fixes you should make prior to listing the house for sale.

Will people be constantly walking through my house while it is listed?

No.  You will receive a phone call or text message anytime someone wants to view your house.  You will first have to approve their showing before they will be allowed in your house.


I accepted an offer!  What now?

Your agent will handle most of the work behind the scenes.  Your agent will be in constant contact with you throughout the time under contract, letting you know what is going on.  Most likely the only big thing you will have to deal with is the buyer's inspection.  The buyer's inspector will do a thourough inspection of the house, listing every possible thing wrong with the house.  The buyer will then likely request some items to be fixed.  You as the seller have the option to deny all requests, agree to the requests, or agree to some of the requests.  Your agent will help you through this process.



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